The pictures do not show the full extent of my losses. my place is non-liveable.The Fire Deptment made mess of it. Most of my pocessions were lost and most all my great cat; Jimmy. At 2AM the Fire Dept banged on door a few times them busted the doors in on my 2nd and 3 floors. They made me  leave as there was a fire in the apartment complex. I watch them put the fire out 3 times, then the fire jump to the apartment next door. Later, they thought they had put the fire out and let us return to our places.  At 2PM, I hear shouting and open my door on the 3rd floor. 50 ft away from me was a raging ball of fire. To the right was another raging fire. I go back in and can't find Jimmy. I grab a few things and  go to leave. Not only is there a raging fire but I see the steps are on fire. I had no choice but to find a way down hopefully without being burned. I had to jump from one step to another. Made it without being burned. I thank GOD: He was there for me, I had NO insurance because I was in the process of moving and it lapsed.  Whatever help that can be offered shall be much appreciated. I am looking for a room as my place is uninhabitable!!!  The actual fire pictures were taken during the fire, the others on Christmas Day. Edward 323-899-2877 edward@artbyec.com  www.artbyec.com

This is what my apartment looked like at

Christmas time 2021

This is what my apartment looks like now,

Christmas time 2022, Uninhabitable!!!

The roof above me on fire

The fire was all around me, the roof is gone

Raging Balls of fires 50 feet from me. The fires were on 1st - 2nd - 3rd floors

There were 2 fires, one at 2AM and second at 2PM. The second was much worst.

There was fire at my door on 3rd floor (large ashes)

When I went to leave. The steps where on fire. I had no choice but to go down the flaming steps.

As you can see by the ashes. The steps where on fire.

I had to jump from step to step to get though the fire

This is what my hand carved mahogany

Chippendale bed looked like. The 5 oil paintings

are from a famous Russian artist- Lost- burned-

Over 30 oil paintings lost - many more damaged

This is what my bedroom looks like now!

Hand carved mahogany Chippendale bed.

Oil Paintings - GONE



The roof above my Den, GONE !

Roof over my bedroom; GONE

3 feet of fire trash in my Den

Burned Trash on the steps from my 3rd floor to my 2nd floor


Fire Dept spraying where the first fire started. Instead of leaving Firemen to make sure the fire was out; they left. The fire came back worst than ever

The Fire Dept did a terrible job


He was my Pal, setting on my chest, relaxed & enjoying himself



Edward  Colarik   323-899-2877