I had all 5 of these reliefs created when I was in Cambodia several years ago. They are reliefs that were done directly off the Temple walls and figures. They were done on a special paper and gold leafed when gold was $32 @ oz.      Very, Very Rare!

All 5 of these rare gold leafed Angor Wat Reliefs displayed in my living room.

Angkor Wat  Battle Scene / Gold Leafed /  App Image Size 112" x 28" / Condition Excellant

Gold Leafed / App Image Size / 18" x 58"

Gold Leafed / App Image Size / 17" x 32" Under Glass

Gold Leafed/App Image Size  11" x 18" Under Glass

Gold Leafed/App Image Size  13" x 24" Under Glass



Below are a few of the pictures I took when I was there.


My luxury hotel I stayed in when I was there!!!    Yes, it was as bad as it looks. It even had the name, Hotel, what more could you ask for.

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