I aquired all 5 of these reliefs  when I was in Cambodia several years ago. They are reliefs that were done directly off the Temple walls and figures. They were done on a parcment paper and real gold leafed when gold was $32 @ oz.      Very, Very Rare!

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All 5 of these rare gold leafed Angor Wat Reliefs displayed in my living room.

Angkor Wat  Battle Scene / Gold Leafed /  App Image Size 112" x 28" / Condition Excellant

Gold Leafed / App Image Size / 18" x 58"

Gold Leafed / App Image Size / 17" x 32" Under Glass

Gold Leafed/App Image Size  11" x 18" Under Glass

Gold Leafed/App Image Size  13" x 24" Under Glass

They would place wet parcment paper over the sculpture and then pound on it until it took shape.  The stone sculptures are 1,000 years old and sat in the jungle. This process broke several of the stones and was  forbiden. The pieces above were actually taken off the original stone sculptures. Very rare.

Below are a few of the pictures I took when I was there.


My luxury hotel I stayed in when I was there!!!    Yes, it was as bad as it looks. It even had the name, Hotel, what more could you ask for.

Phnom Penh  Capital City

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