For G-9    Warrior Monks      As early as the 11th Century Warrior monks played an important part in the Samurai Armies. Certain sects remained in a continuous state of warfare. He wore a robe over his amour. His traditional weapon was the naginata. A sword attached to a long pole. Many of the Monks were fierce fighters and were often sought after even though their loyalties were first to their temples. It is also believed that renegade monks were the first ninjas                                                       G-18 G-19 G-20 G-21 The original Samurai were mounted archers and followed the way of the horse and bow. About the 12th Century the code of Bushido or the way of the warrior came on the scene. The samurai were trained as a scholar and fighter with a code of ethics stressing loyalty and duty, similar in many ways to the European knights.