Edward Colarik's talent as a multi media visual artist speaks to the unbelievable wide range of his creativity. He has an international following of collectors from Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong,  Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands,  New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Taiwan, and of course the USA. People from all over the world connect to the universal hallmark of his works.

All of his life he has been a creator, artist, fashion designer, and TV & film producer.  One of his most enjoyable experiences was teaching his highly-rated film course at UCLA for four years. 

Colarik 's first sculptures were miniatures bronze and pewter figures. He created a  collection of 107 Samurai (40 different figures);  a collection of 46 Ancient Hawaiians (26 different figures), an Ancient Hawaiian Chess Set, a collection of  48 Crusaders (40 different figures), and  20 Civil War Musicians; totaling more than 130 different figures.  His artistic attention to detail and accurate historical reenactment of these collections won him many awards and devoted collectors. 

Later, Colarik produced numerous larger bronze figures; then moved on to creating life size bronze sculptures. His current creations include commissions of life size bronzes sculptures and his own personal works for collectors around the world and friends in the entertainment industry.

Edís latest sculpture collection expresses a new vision that looks upon beauty in the search of truth. Sensual sculptures of a classical dream that have not been seen before in bronze.

He has worked on more than 200 film and TV projects. He co-founded National American Entertainment Corporation, a production and distribution company for feature films and TV shows. He has produced numerous film and TV programs. He has visited most of the World.




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