Spirits Leaving

They are deeply rooted in the tradition of  the obscure.

Let them seek another place.

Where they  will find souls that let them bathe and can not be seen.

To remain unknown.

Neo Pointillism

Mankind's search for the secrets of the cosmos  and the cosmos reaching back to Mankind.

  Signed In A Galaxy, Lower Right Corner, and Dated:  Edward Colarik

Poem On The Back

Size 60" x 60" - Over 5,000 Dots (No Splashes)

Oil/Acrylic On Canvass

Original Spirits Leaving

Size 40" x  30" - Over 2,000 Dots (No Splashes)

Oil/Acrylic On Canvass -  Signed & Dated:  Edward Colarik

The painting expresses  deeply rooted views how the energy from positive spirits affects us. When these spirits leave a place, a vacuum occurs and with it good fortune.

Original Oil painting on Canvass 

Star Is Born

Center Of Our Universe

Ode To Hubble

Universal Hearts

tThe Universe

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