John B. Fleming


British, Scottish (Scots)

The Signiture is dark (faded from time). The photo has been lighten to enable viewing it.   Date 1836 ( the 6 looks like a 5)

I believe it is the original frame. The frame (44" x 50")  and the painting (29.5" x 34.5") are in excellent condition.

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University Of  Edinburgh

Self Portrait

John B. Fleming

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John B. Fleming was born 1792 in Scotland.. Fleming painted landscapes and portraits, and is listed as such in his first appearance in a local Greenock directory of 18312. From 1834 onwards he was listed as both a portrait and landscape painter. His portrait art work seems to have been almost entirely commissioned by clients .

Fleming was a regular contributor to the Glasgow Exhibition of the Fine Arts series of the works of living British Artists, held under the patronage of the Glasgow Dilettanti Society between 1828 and 1838. He became an extraordinary member of the Glasgow Dilettanti Society, and was elected a member of the West of Scotland Academy when he showed at its first exhibition in 1841. He also exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy exhibitions of 1828, 1830 and 1837, showing two landscapes at each.[1] He died on 16 February 1845.

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