The above bronze sculpture is an achievement of solid simplicity. It is a life size piece done on commission. The artist applied the most exacting standards to create a bronze sculpture of a real person that reflects the sensual aspects of her female figure. The overall look has a sense of order and balance of an idealized beauty. The feet are delicately rendered. The gentle hands add to the balance and harmony of the figure as she leans back in repose. The bronze piece is very heavy yet appears to float, never feeling bulky or clumsy. Note the long hair draped over the shoulders. This is one of the most difficult areas when working with bronze. This is an extremely complicated process because the metal does not bend easily therefore artists rarely ever render long hair as seen in the above picture. Ed Colarik has accomplished a sovereign mastery over the total bronze process thus creating a beautiful piece of realistic art.


For several years the artist has been creating custom or original "one of a kind" art pieces for collectors. Commissions by collectors for custom art pieces continue to allow him to create many "one of a kind" original works of art. 

Ed Colarik, " I greatly enjoy the ongoing creative process. I especially enjoy creating in a medium that leaves a legacy for future generations. I refer to bronze as the "eternal material" because it lasts for hundreds of years. My personal involvement in the casting process also gives me the opportunity to add the special touches that often bring that indefinable connection between myself and the collector." 

The artist loves bringing the immeasurable pleasures that original or custom art creates. 

You can commission your own dream art.

Some additional large custom pieces 

Includes a signed & numbered certificate.

The background on the artist can be viewed by clicking on the artist link.  Edward Colarik


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