Picasso Styled Art Chairs

These duo chairs are unique pieces of art. They express Picasso's vision of balancing the yin and the yang in a meticulous work of hand inlaid carved pieces.  The romanticism here, plays with Picasso's cubist abstraction, inviting your hand to follow a map of the gold and silver raised inlaid sensations. The art pieces are very special. Each time you look at them you'll find something new and wonderful. They transcend the ordinary.  

Each chair is made of a one piece wood panel bent into the shape of a chair. The wood panel has been cut into a human cubist shape then mounted on a metal frame. The side arms are painted metal attached to the frame.I Intricately carved wooden pieces have been laid over the wood panel.   Size: 54" High x 26" Wide x 24"Deep.  Condition: Very Good

Signed by Etienne who study under Picasso and lived in Los Angeles for several years. The owner has acquired several of Etienne's paintings and knew him personally.







54" High x 26" Wide x 24"Deep

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