Edward Colarik

5325 Bent Tree Forest Dr   Dallas, TX 75248

Phone 323-899-2877   Website www.artbyec.com   Email  edward@artbyec.com

Edward Colarik: Owned and operated a 5,000 Sg Ft. fine art, Gallery E, for 5 years at the Valley View Mall, which is now being torn down.

Taught at U.C.L.A. for four years.  Consulted on 53 Film and TV projects.

President of National American Entertainment Corp. where he developed and bought multi-million-dollar ad campaigns. Produced independent films and TV shows.

Mr. Colarik has worked extensively creating, developing, and manufacturing in USA, England, France, Italy, Africa, China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong. 

Edward Colarik has been a designer, creator, film and TV producer, manufacture and a visual artist for over twenty years. His hallmark has been the ability to conceive a project, develop it with total involvement in every aspect of the project, and then bring it to fruition.

Edward"s Gallery E

Some Examples Of Edward’s Bronze Sculptures:

Some Examples Of Edward’s Life Bronze Sculptures:

Some Examples Of Edward’s Oil Paintings

Some Examples Of TV Shows Edward Produced

The Movie Studio Mogul (best game of the year), two electronic games, three board games, dolls and clothing collections.  His award winning bronze art pieces and pewter collectibles; The Crusades, Ancient Hawaiian Sculpture Collection, Patrick Gilmore’s Civil War Music Band, Shogun and Samurai Army, Hawaiian Monarchs Sculpted Plate, Kamehameha Bronzes, and many other art pieces; have received numerous awards and accolades