Edward Colarik

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Pictures I took of interesting people and places that had character. Done in a photojournalist style. I sold over 70 of my pictures for international distribution.

Some examples


Ostriches being herded

How would you like to have to bring your water home like this back breaking

                      Living in a shack without runing water

A baby elephant greating a lady

Zaire (Congo

Who needs a truck to deliver food

Victoria Falls -You can hear the Falls miles away

Huts In Kenya


Cambodian Temple

Vietnam -12 year old girl taking care of 3 her brothers without shoes. One does not even have under pants

   A zippo

     I would not want to be there

The leeches were the worst

Humping the swamps

Sawing wood planks in 120 degree heat

Granddaughter taken care of Grandmothe

Hugh Water Lilies

Indo sculpturing stone

Of Interest

He was swimming in the Amazon with the Piranhas

Australia - Rare picture of the whole family taken outside of the UK

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