Kneeling Woman

Edward Colarik's unique dreamlike elongated bronze art figures  are also technical marvels. Not since Giacometti has a Surrealist bronze sculpture appeared so graceful and delicate.  The foundry where the art pieces were to be made, stated the figures could not be cast successfully. The figures were to be cast bronze figures -not wire sculptures- although they were to look like wire sculptures . It was believed that the figures were too fragile and too thin to cast and would not hold together. Colarik is one of the few artists that has personally done almost every aspect of creating a bronze figure in a foundry. He knew what could and what could not be done in producing  bronze sculptures. After three months of trial and error he finally succeeded in bringing forth a technique that allowed his vision to become a reality.

KNEELING WOMAN      SIGNED BY THE ARTIST                   SIZE  20" HIGH                           PRICE  $7500