The artist renders what the generations have felt before and we can not escape, the passion for the idealized woman. Eduard paints her delicate, self contained, almost fragile elongated body in the most exacting standards. The slender shoulders, curvaceous hips and  long flowing hair all contribute to the artistís vision of the sensuous female. He attributes the height of passion to the color red which surrounds his idealized woman. His beautifully harmonious patterns and shapes allow the central figure to almost float above earthly matters of reality. Asking the question, could we ever have such a creature.  Yes you can,  as you may have this exceptional piece of art.

Size: 40" x 28", 100cm x 70cm

Signed by the artist

Original oil painting on canvass

Price $7000

One can easily see why the art of Eduard Nikonorov is collected around the world.

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