Prince Jurgen von Anhalt

The Jet Artist

Prince Jurgen von Anhalt has been featured on every major TV network in the world.

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Media Waiting for Jurgen

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Featuring Jurgen's Jet Art


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Bonham's Results  $24,400 For A Small Sized Painting

Bonham's Auction Of Jet Art

Bonham's Inside Page Est. Was $10,000 to $15,000 SOLD, $24,400




The creating of this Jet Art painting (Cosmic Big Bang)

Most paintings are created by a single person. Jurgen von Anhalt requires an expensive art production crew, hundreds of gallons of paint, special frames, a jet and a jet pilot. Each production cost thousands of dollars.

This painting was given a special preparation. Here the soon to be owner is assisting in the preparations. Note the size of the art crew working on the art production.

The prepped canvass is placed behind the jet plane's engines. The canvass has been mounted on a heavy duty frame which then is placed on a special rack.

Jurgen begins the first steps of the painting. He begins to layer the canvass with different  amounts of colors of paint using the air stream from the jet engine as a paint brush.

After Jurgen places the paint into the jet's air stream,  he has the engines turned up driving the paint further into the canvass.

Jurgen selects the color and style of the next stage of the painting.

Dozens of gallons of paint were used to create this painting. The heat and fumes are enough to send a normal person to the hospital. It takes days for the artist to recover from his art productions.

Finished Painting ( The Cosmic Big Bang)  ( 90" x  82"  )