Eve is very sensual from the back but an air that she is not approachable permeates the painting. There is something distant about her upper body as if her mind is somewhere else, while her arm covers her backside as if to prevent it from presenting itself. This painting of Eve's back to us is the left side piece to an impressive group of three original oil paintings presenting the many sides of Eve The Temptress. Note how the painting on the left side is counter in attitude to the painting on the right side. The artist has painted a powerful statement offering a daring counter balance to the question- is she a Temptress. Eduard passionately struggles to show us in a startling manner the correct harmony with the correct balance of the many sides of Eve.  When all three paintings are seen together much more is going on. The emotional abstract background contrasts with the elegant and refined lines of the figures increasing the dilemma-will men ever really understand women.  The tri-paintings are a wonderful achievement.  The three (3) pieces should be acquired together as collectively they make such a powerful statement, although the pieces can be purchased separately.  If the three (3) painting are acquire at the same time a very special price is being offered.  

Temptress 2, Left Piece, Facing Back With Ribbon, Original oil on canvass, 40" x 24"(100cm x 65cm), signed by the artist,    Price $5000

Temptress 3, Right Piece, Facing Front with Head Titled, Original oil on canvass, 40" x 24"(100cm x 65cm), signed by the artist      Price  $7500

Temptress, Center Piece, Two Woman,  Original  oil on canvass, 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm), signed by the artist         Price $12500

All three paintings acquired together,  Total size 88" x 40" (230cm x 100cm) all three are signed by the artist, Total Price $25,000 for all three; 

The background on the artist can be viewed by clicking on the artist link.  Eduard Nikonorov 


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