Custom Original "One Of A Kind" Art Pieces

Created For Collectors By Edward Colarik

 5 Bronze Figures

 5 Bronze Figures (Feathered Cape)

King Kamehameha I, Face

Mounted On Marble Stand

Marble Stand

I It took 4 Men To Mount The Sculpture

The bronze figures were commissioned by David Murdock.  It took Edward about four months to complete the figures. He also designed the marble bases. They have all been delivered to Hawaii.  The pieces are of King Kamehameha I,  1759? - 1819,  who was the first king to unify and rule the Hawaiian Islands. King Kamehameha was very large man, some say seven feet tall, weighting 300 hundred pounds. The feather cape that the king is wearing required thousands of tiny feather to make one cape. The birds were often caught by the Kahunas (Hawaiian Priest) and after removing only a few feathers from each bird, the bird was then released. The capes were worn to display rank, not wealth.