For those who appreciate superb sculpture and a re-enactment of history, we are proud to offer a collection of Crusaders and Saracens from the era known as the Crusades. The figures are uniquely created with style and grace. This award winning collection, by the artist Ed Colarik ,of the Crusaders and Saracens are created in 54mm (2 ¼ ") pewter . The collection creates a rewarding experience of an era that only lasted about 200 years but who’s historical impact is being felt even today. Note the dramatic animation of each piece, the exquisite flow of the robes, the treatment of the mail (amour) and most of all the special attention to authenticity.  Each figure is singularly hand-caste of the highest quality pewter, delicately hand painted; signed and dated by the artist. These are dramatic pewter sculptures. 

Click on figures in the picture to see enlargements and more information.