VIETNAM MEMORIAL SCULPTURE GARDEN is a national monument for the living Vietnam Veteran. Created by Ed Colarik,  the VMSG is an uplifting, dignified tribute to the approximately 3,500,000 men and women who served in Vietnam and the 11,000,000 who served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War era. The sculpture garden seeks to heal by commemorating the Vietnam Era Veterans contributions and sacrifices.  


The creator and sculptor of the VMSG, Ed Colarik, with his life size bronze and a small architectural diorama of Vietnam Memorial Sculpture Garden. The sculpture and the diorama were exhibited in the Oceanside City Hall.


The life size bronze weights over a 1,000 lbs and is made up of over 85 different pieces.  When viewing the figure, one is amazed at the accuracy and attention to the details. Always a hallmark of the artist Edward Colarik's art works.


Edward Colarik's  life size bronze soldier stands in front of the American Legion, Hollywood, California


The soldier is reading a letter from his wife. She writes about  their children, her new job and how she misses him.



Edward Colarik's bronze sculpture is center to the event


The Court Of Honor where Artist, Ed Colarik's sculpture is placed

Post 442 celebrates its 80th  anniversary


Front View of the Vietnam Memorial Sculpture Garden.  The 58,000 who died in Vietnam are honored by the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. The Vietnam Memorial Sculpture Garden honors the 11,000,000 who served and did their duty as called  upon by their country.

Overview of the Vietnam Memorial Sculpture Garden. The grounds inside the sculpture garden are designed like a giant wheel which symbolizes  the unifying of all of the branches of the armed services. The Grand Center Court acts as the hub with six pathways or spokes connecting the outside rim. Thirty-five (35) life bronze figures and five (5) 10' x 20' bronze walls will be placed though out the garden representing the activities of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Special Forces, Coast Guard and a special dedication to the Medical.

A beautiful tree line court way leads to the Grand Central Court where a 10' x 20' doubled sided bronze American flag sits in a pool with water continuously cascading over it. The bronze American flag-pool is the garden's center pieces and is surrounded by five 20' high bronze pillars displaying the patches of every division, air wing and fleet that served in Vietnam.