Edward's Planet Series


Edward's Planet

Oil - Acrylic - Original Painting - 40" x 40"  Signed & Dated By  Edward Colarik

Edward's  Planet - Home

Edward's Planet - Tulip Farm

Oil - Original Painting - 36" x  30"  Signed & Dated By  Edward Colarik

Oil - Original Painting - 30" x 24"  Signed & Dated By  Edward Colarik

So often art is just too serious lacking a sense of humor. I have created a series of painting with a view point that if  I had my own planet, this is what it would look like.

The animals have geometric coloring dividing up their bodies. The trees  have a symmetry to them. The tulips are a mass of divided colors.  Sometimes the elements are placed unevenly but work together to produce an overall harmony.

Primary colors dominate my artwork. My use of pure geometry, rectangular shapes, flat planes, constantly enriched the balance among colors, shape, sizes and spaces.