Ed's Vietnam Story, Or Maybe Some Of It

These are my pictures taken in Vietnam. They tell much of the story.

Former Gov N. Vietnam, His Daughter & Yours Truly 69,70,71                          

He had to live in a cage as the VC tried to bomb his home. A very brave man. All of his sons were in the Army

None of the other homes were caged. When Vietnam fell he became a professor in Chicago. An interesting story about the car

The flame thowers were known as zippos

I would not want be on the that river bank

River Trip on a Monitor


Every thing was cooked

Out on a patrol. Snakes, tigers & blood sucking leeches were often a problem not just the VC/ NVA


      The marshes had bloodsucking leeches that you could not pick off but had to be burned off

USA  Embassy Saigon

Guard House - USA Embassy


          When the N.Vietnamese Army came into Saigon they tore down the statue

      My hotel, it was like being back in the old west. You had to check  your guns at the desk but many never did.

    What I liked most was all the tape on the widows, the place was bombed 3 times

 Catholic Orphanage, US Service Men and nurses donated to it.

Water, water every where and not a drop to drink

When I feel sorry for myself I look at this picture and count my blessings. This little girl (12-14 years old) is taking care of her 3 brothers. No shoes; one doen't even have pants.


Modesty even during a war

The motor bikes were almost as dangerous as the VC

Bustling Saigon

No shortage of motor bikes/scooters

This soldier went nuts because he had been trying to get shoes and stuff  from the PX and now finds it on the street in the black market .  

He leveled his rife at the Vietnamese and it look like he was going to shoot them when his buddy talked him out  it.

Stolen PX goods being sold on the street

Angelic looking women, as if a strong wind would blow them away. but amazingly forcefull and strong.

At times it seemed they were not effected by the war




Vietnam,  Ton Sanut Air Base

 In some areas it did not look like there was a war on and in others you really knew it

I don't know about you but I miss having my house being surrounded with sand bags and a tank outside


This picture sums up the underlining feelings of the average Vietnamese during the war, they changed their tune after the war

Waiting for life to happen

Basketball played everywhere and even by migets.

Monastery, clean, neat and well maintained

With a war going they still took time to sculpture elephant plants

Beautiful oriental structure


Inside Vietnamese Buddist Temple

Ceramic Sculpture, very well done

This is a park in Saigon during the war


A friendly Buddist Monk, some were not and even put themselves on fire

Parts of Saigon during the war were very nice and untouched by the conflict

It took a lot supplies to kept an army in the field


I never like riding in these things

A lot of the US soldiers resented young men like this one. They felt he should be in the army . They were fighting his war

She is probaly here in the USA at a nail salon

                My runner,when I needed something he would find it when others could not


The story here is not the dead VC but the guys taking pictures of him.

Picture time, the eerie effects of war